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Liver Cancer - Causes and Treatment

liver cancer occurs as a consequence of liver cells showed abnormal growth. Liver cells make up 80% of liver tissue. Thus, the liver cancer is due to the rapid and irregular growth in liver cells. The liver in our body's largest organ. The liver is divided into the right lobe and left lobe.

causes of cancer have found that, HBV (hepatitis B virus) infection, which is the primary cause of this cancer. HCV (hepatitis C virus) infection is also responsible for this type of cancer, alcohol consumption, aflatoxin B1 (to the chemical) is present in some food that was stored in hot and humid environment,

common symptoms of cancer;. Unexpected weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice

liver cancer can be diagnosed by a blood test, a normal blood test will not provide much detalja.Abnormalne blood test hormone production caused by the cancer cells. If this test shows a high red blood count, low sugar and high blood calcium, then the patient must be suffering from cancer, high cholesterol, the content may be the reason too.

Treatment depends on the stage of disease and age of the patient undergoing treatment. To achieve a permanent cure, liver transplantation is the only way. Now-a-days, many doctors may argue that the small tumor transplant was not necessary, but it is also a full cure lies in liver transplantation. Even after removal of the tumor, if you keep the same liver, the possibility of liver cancer occur again.

Some natural alternative treatment for liver cancer are:. Raw beet juice, bitter melon, cumin now and bee pollen can be beneficial in the prevention of cancer

Can Liver Cancer Be Treated in a Dog?

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One of the worst experiences any pet owner could suffer through it to see their beloved companion of the fight, and lose the battle with cancer. Liver cancer in dogs can be a horrible experience for both owner and pet.

So, the question begs for an answer. It can be treated with liver cancer in dogs? To be able to come to the conclusion that we should know a few things about the liver cancer in dogs, what causes it and how it is likely to be treated by your vet.

is causing more and more related to environmental factors. Your pet is exposed to all kinds of carcinogens, such as additives in commercial pet foods, including various types of artificial colors and flavorings. Materials such as pesticides and paint can also be harmful. These substances tend to accumulate in the dog's liver, which is like a giant sieve, filtering units and waste disposal system. It causes cancer over time.

the conventional methods of treatment of liver cancer in dogs ranging from surgery to remove the tumor, chemotherapy and radiation for more diffuse destruction of cancer cells. However, the harshness of treatment, with huge costs associated with them, a low guarantee of a cure, prompt many pet owners seek natural remedies for liver cancer in dogs.

Can it be treated with liver cancer in dogs with natural remedies? More and more studies are beginning to show that natural remedies such as herbal and homeopathic treatments can make a big difference. Even if you do not cure the cancer on their own, they can support and strengthen the immune system, and support the operation of conventional therapy, should you choose to.

natural remedies for liver cancer in dogs can help protect public health, and improve overall immunity, better equipping the pet's ability to fight cancer. Herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and other dietary supplements were able to restore balance and increase the body's systems. It can be treated with liver cancer in dogs with such treatment? Yes, they can be used as a dry free-standing alternative methods of treatment, or to support the measure, along with more conventional treatments for canine cancer.

Natural remedies are great for boosting the immune system and slowing the spread of cancer in organs and other body parts. However, if you ask "can the liver in the dog" with such drugs, the answer is more complex.

First of all, there is a difference between the treatment and cure. Homeopathic, herbal and other alternative medicines do not claim to be able to cure liver cancer. They are treatments for the control and management, and can give your pet a healthier life after a cancer diagnosis. Clinical trials are now causing the data that supports the use of alternative and natural therapies as a tool for strengthening the immune system and help fight cancer from within. They give you that extra edge, an extra weapon in your pet's battle with cancer.

diet, herbs, and medications can all combine to make your companion a better life after diagnosis, and help her to live longer and better.

Reducing Liver Cancer's Devastating Effects

Liver cancer is a life-threatening diseases that can be very devastating to anyone who is afflicted with it, as well as those around him. Anyone experiencing symptoms associated with liver cancer should seek medical care at the soonest possible time. Symptoms of liver cancer are usually not recognizable as a manifestation of the disease as they are not unusual - loss of appetite and weight, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting and general weakness. Those who experience extreme symptoms like abdominal swelling and yellowish skin color and eyes would most likely be in the advance stages of liver cancer. Health care for anyone afflicted with cancer of the liver is necessary.

primary liver cancer cases in the United States is growing over the years such as metastatic cancer or cancer that spreads to the liver from other parts of the body. These cancers are referred to as liver cancer, metastatic cancer, but as long as that authority comes from (ie metastatic colon cancer colon cancer spread to the liver). Treatment for these cancers have been done in the originating organ rather than in the liver itself. In extreme cases where the cancer can be treated, health care and pain management procedures in order to maintain the patient's quality of life.

Depending on what stage of cancer, primary liver cancer can be treated either to remove or slow the progression of the disease. Common methods of treatment will include surgery, alcohol injection, radiofrequency ablation, chemoembolization, radiation therapy, and liver transplantation. With surgery, otherwise known as surgical resection, an area where cancer cells are completely removed. This treatment is recommended for those with liver cirrhosis. The operation is not guaranteed to stop the development of cancer as it can still replicate in the remaining liver or in other parts of the body within a few years. Liver transplantation is another surgical procedure that can be considered for those at an early stage of cancer, but not for those with larger tumors.

drug based treatments such as alcohol injection, chemoembolization, and chemotherapy can also be done to kill cancer cells. Alcohol injection uses pure alcohol is injected directly into the tumor to dry the cancer cells and eventually kill them. It is known to increase the survival rate of those who hapatocellular tumors. Chemoembolization and chemotherapy, on the other hand, introduce anti-cancer drugs in the body, or systemic or directly to the liver. Chemotherapy has not been fully effective in most cases, such as chemoembolization, because only works to shrink the tumor in most patients.

radiofrequency ablation and radiation therapy uses electricity and energy beams in destroying cancer cells. Unresectable hepatocellular tumors are targeted by these procedures. Both procedures are more effective than medication in the treatment of malignant cells, although they also represent a higher risk of complications.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with liver cancer should not otarasiti.Ranije cancer is detected and treatment started, the better for the patient. Liver cancer patients should seek the right medical care for their troubles.

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The Man Killer - Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the male equivalent of breast cancer, which plagues millions of women. Fortunately, a little precaution can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and maybe even help save your life. It is crucial for men to pay attention to your health, especially as they age. Prostate cancer is the third major cause of cancer related deaths in men. Many people do not realize the seriousness of this terrible disease and not receiving regular prostate examinations.

Prostate cancer begins with the growth of malignant tumors in the prostate and spread to spread into the bladder, seminal vesicles, and peritoneal cavity. It eventually metastasizes to bone, lymph nodes, lungs, liver and bubrega.Uzrok prostate cancer is unknown, although recent studies find little relationship between increased testosterone levels and high dietary fat intake. Prostate cancer rarely occurs in men under 40 years starosti.Najvišu level of occurrence is highest in African-American men over 60 years. Increased occurrence is also linked to environmental exposure to cadmium, metallic element. The lowest incidence of prostate cancer occurs in vegetarians.

Cancer is classified on the basis of tumor aggressiveness and intensity that affects the surrounding tissue. Most prostate cancers are staged or characterized using the Whitmore-Jewett system (ABCD system). System of the tumor using the following scale: Tumor can not be detected by touch, but only through a microscopic tissue samples. B: a tumor that can be detected by digital examination and it is still confined to the prostate. C: Tumor spread beyond the prostate. D: cancer has advanced to the regional lymph nodes.

Risk factors and risk factors were investigated, but mostly wrong. Some studies show positive associations with age, race, family history and diet. Age: Prostate cancer is particularly common among older people. Its occurrence has been reported in more than 4 0 per cent of men over the age of seventy years of age or older. Racing: Extreme variations in the number of cases and the mortality rate from prostate cancer were observed among different countries and racial and ethnic groups. African-Americans have the highest mortality rate for prostate cancer in the world, followed by white men in the Scandinavian countries. Asian males have the lowest mortality rate. Family History: studies have shown that men with a family history of prostate cancer, fathers or brothers, two or three times more likely to develop disease. Diet: The main component is associated with prostate cancer is the consumption of fats and obesity. Individuals can actually reduce his chances of developing prostate cancer by changing diet and controlling your weight.

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Pancreatic Cancer - Living From Diagnosis to Death - The Diary of a Cancer Patient's Daughter

One of the hardest things to do in life is to live once you've been told that he would die. It is as though life speeds up once you get the knowledge that you are ticking the days away at the final hour that you have no control over. One important thing I learned while experiencing the ravages of pancreatic cancer with my mother because she was battling this distressing condition that is crucial to focus on the time you have, not the way you do not need. For me, this article is a condensed version of the diary of the cancer patient's daughter as I explain what living with pancreatic cancer as from diagnosis to death as I framed a picture of my mother's experience in my mind.

I hope and pray that you receive something from these words born from pain that will bring peace and help you or your loved one is diagnosed with cancer live a little longer and happier, despite the sad reality we face. There are 7 D in this cancer diary to help manage the physical and mental aspects of this awful disease. Keep in mind that what does not work in a cancer crisis is as important as what you do.

Input # 1: Diagnosis:

My mother Joyce is 66 years old when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during the summer of 2008. Although all cancer is bad, pancreatic cancer is considered one of the worst, because most hard dijagnosticirati.Razlog that mirror the symptoms of digestive problems as the disease lies in the depths of the digestive system. My mother has chronic abdominal pain, and although she went to the emergency room several times received numerous tests, ultra sound and doctors kept telling her nothing was wrong with her and sent her home every time. At first they thought the problem with her gal bladder, which is common misdiagnoses in the case of pancreatic cancer.

Her father was Boyce who was named after died of pancreatic cancer 20 years earlier, but it is likely that it could have that very same thing never occurred to her or anyone else in our family. If cancer runs in your family, especially pancreatic cancer, I would advise you to get regular screenings for this disease as early detection is the key to survival. One of the most deadly thing about pancreatic cancer is that because it is so difficult to diagnose most patients do not get diagnosed until they have the stage 4 cancer is when there is practically no hope.

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer include abdominal pain and pressure, jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, weight loss and weakness. My mother has all the sypmtoms except for jaundice. Just because a person lacks common symptom does not mean you have cancer gušterače.Najčešći procedures used for diagnosis of this disease are brutal: ultrasound, CT scan, Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancretography, endoscopic ultrasound, MRI, and Cholangiogram Percutaneous Transhepatic. Im pretty sure my mother is all of these tests works and it can be very exhausting to endure such experiences, but it is essential to getting dijagnozu.Rezultati her diagnosis showed the tumor on her pancreas blocks the flow of bile from her liver, as well as the flow of enzymes pancreas from it. In her case the tumor was wrapped around the blood vessels and surgery to remove the tumor was not really an option. Very few surgeons in the country would be able to successfully perform the surgery and the chances of survival would be slim to none. Even if it's from surgery is her quality of life after being questionable. This operation is commonly known as the Whipple operation and removes a large part of the pancreas, duodenum, bile duct and part of

What do you do in this situation? You can make the choice to live the best life in the time you have that is vague and different for everyone. Suck every drop of joy out of life you can as quickly as possible. If we could turn back the clock, all over again one thing I do differently is to have annual screening for diseases is carried out, because we've done that my mother might still be alive today. What to do at the moment can be determined at the time on this earth.

Many people allow the hands of time to cover their eyes for what they do not want to see. Open your eyes now, and if you were diagnosed with the disease begin to use preventive measures such as healthy eating, exercise, and regular checkups with your doctor.

Input # 2: Denial:

We were in such disbelief after receiving the diagnosis, we failed to take immediate action, locked in a paralysis of our new found reality. One thing cancer does not give you the time. That is a big devil called the denial should be addressed. I can still hear my mother say: "I can not have it ... not me!" You must come to grips with what you have to get a grip on the situation. Sometimes I think that cancer is more than an accident of health, rather than a mistake of nature. All you can do with a mistake is the desire to never happen, but accidents can be prevented. Maybe it's a bit optimistic because the cancer tends to creep in unexpectedly like a thief to steal your most prized possessions. Even so, optimism is always stronger than pessimism, and it just means that our powerful spirits encased in a fragile framework of the body decides to live.

Even people with diseases such as drug addiction and alcoholism has come out of denial before it recovers. I survived cancer and they are the same people who came out of denial and deal with the disease. You will never be taken in regard to something they believe.

Input # 3: Drugs:

We live in a pill popping nation where there is a remedy for every situation. One of the main problems with the medication that masks the symptoms but do not provide treatment. Drugs do their best to conceal cancer while the victim is covered with earth in the coffin. I keep hearing rumors that there is a cure for cancer, but medical and funeral industry makes too much money from the disease for the release of the drug. I do not know if this is true, but it certainly makes sense.

Although the drugs were diagnosed to my mother one of the first things we did which is extremely important for patients with pancreatic cancer is a restriction put in. stints were inserted into a pipe leading from her liver and pancreas to help their function and helped her to live a better life. In some cases, depending on the size of the tumor, it is very difficult to insert stints, but there are several alternative methods and procedures to achieve the same effect. If you have a good doctor he will tell you about all the options. If you have a doctor that does not tell you all the options;. To get another doctor

My experience with pancreatic cancer, his mother perfected the hate on me Morphine which is a pain medication my mother was put on. Because the pain caused by cancer is so extensive our capabilities are limited, but we wanted my mother to be able to live his days as pain free as possible as I think it would be tko.Morfin change your mind, change your personality, and because of the aggressiveness and paranoia. Effects of Morphine to put the family in pain while relieving the pain of my mother.

from time to time it was like it was out of her mind, and it almost drove us out of our own. She no longer trusts the people who love it and many times they will not forget what you said in the middle rečenice.Obitelj said many things over and over again and not make them work, and always forgot what she said. For me Morphine kills the person before they die. It kills their ability to convey the essence of who they really are. There are alternatives to drugs to relieve pain, but I do not know how much better because we have only dealt with morphine.

It amazes me that Patrick Swayze filmed a television series with pancreatic cancer refuse to take pain medication so he could concentrate on and complete his work. I remember hearing him talk about preparing hours before it shoots to be mentally and physically prepared to accomplish every task in pain. I think that drugs like morphine to die quickly because they capture their minds. In the movie Matrix, if you've ever seen, Neo Morpheus program to jump and fall. When it comes out of her bleeding and makes a statement to the fact that he thought he was not really Morpheus tells him that the mind makes it real and that the body can not live without the mind. If you are mentally incompetent, how can you make a conscious decision to fight for your life?

a ray of hope came to us, while dealing with insanity Morphine, which is an alternative treatment for pain that cancer patients can get dealing with alcohol injection around the nerves to block pain sensation. My mother had this procedure done, but said that it did not work. To this day I do not know if the treatment really does work or if the time she had been

is already addicted to morphine and the pain felt pangs are withdrawn.

Unfortunately Morphine is only one wave in the ocean of drugs we had to deal with. It is the digestive enzymes are taken before meals, beta blockers, heart drugs, anxiety medication, insulin for diabetes because of the exclusion from the pancreas, drugs for digestive disorders, vitamins, blood thinners for blood clots and so many medicines we had to do an Excel spreadsheet just follow them.

One of the effects of diseases to be tackled was the extreme swelling in the abdomen and legs to the point where diuretics are prescribed, the fluid draw procedure that is performed using a needle to draw fluid iztrbuh and feet, but can wear house shoes. I found that the swelling caused by cancer mainly because the body's reaction to the tumor and the lack of protein in the blood prevent the blood's ability to hold liquids.

things that people undergoing cancer are almost endless. Each body part is affected, especially the mind, will and emotions. Based on the experience I encountered with my mother several other crises, we had to push through a C Diph infection causing chronic diarrhea caused by contact isolation, which is almost as quarantine will be carried out. My mother could barely eat, and we had to put on hospital gowns and gloves that are in the room with her or even come into contact with it.

episode, we are faced with internal bleeding due to rupturing of blood vessels was very upsetting and my mother was hospitalized after being passed from the weakness of his eyes rolling back in his head due to extreme blood loss. The blood was in her womb and blood transfusions must be issued in order to her blood count back to normal which is usually 14 and its nearly half of that. Lest we sought medical help for her at that time could have died. So you can recognize this, the symptoms are usually extreme weakness and black loose bowels. I experienced the same thing when I was four years and diagnosed with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

We tried chemotherapy which is extremely hard on the body, killing the good cells along with the bad. Chemotherapy is like infusing your body with poison, how to get rid of other toxins. For some people it works, but sadly to say in cases of pancreatic cancer that is rarely effective. I'm not a doctor and therefore does not give medical recommendations on how to treat pancreatic cancer, but in my personal opinion and experience through observation, I would say, if possible, find a better way.

There are alternative treatments, natural remedies, and experimental tretmana.Pacijent cancer may require research carried out for this type of cancer are in many cases have become part of the study can get free or very low cost of experimental treatments. One day one of these experimental treatments may be the answer. My mother uses an experimental chemotherapy that was available, but it was too hard on the heart. One of her small tumors did not vanish, but it was not enough to save her.

Chemotherapy can be worn as the side effects are nausea, vomiting, and decreased white blood cell counts. Historically, chemotherapy was not effective in treating pancreatic cancer, but there is more up to date treatments using FDA approved agent called gemcitabine which has helped reduce some tumors of pancreatic cancer.

At one point we went to see naturalpathic doctor who specializes in alternative treatments for cancer are aware of the treatment that has proved effective for pancreatic cancer. Name Intravenous therapy - lipoic acid / low-dose Naltrexone Protocol. There are various articles and information on this treatment for you to explore and discuss intelligently.

Our problem is that the treatment is a medication prescribed for it that could only be met at the junction of blocks affects pharmacy drugs and my mother was on Morphine for pain drugs known has fallen in chronic pain episodes that caused her to lose the coherence of the pain and go to the emergency room where the only thing I can do to ease the pain give her the medicine is strong enough to sedate her and knock her completely. It was a huge step backwards in its liječenje.Sredstvo depressants blocking drug is supposed to be a very low dose, which should not negatively affect her so if this treatment is chosen will do extensive research and have made sufficient preparation before trying.

When you're personally dealing with cancer or know someone close to you that you will find quickly that everyone has to sell you a product they claim that someone is cured of cancer. Perhaps they might not. Again, I remember watching an interview with Barbara Walters and Patrick Swayze, when he said something to the effect, "If a miracle cure for cancer would be rich and everyone would know that so just shut up." We tried several products and ordered everything we thought we could make a difference and be a remedy. I'm going to share with you two things you can buy on your own, we did not get a chance to try because we learn about them too late. I do not know that they work, but worth a try, since everything is when you or someone you love dies.

, you can search YouTube and find the videos on the banking soda cancer treatment and you can browse the internet to find articles that specifically discuss the use of asparagus for the treatment of cancer. There is so much more I could say about the various treatments and medications, but instead of going on and on about this issue, I will instead give you some helpful advice.

Helpful Tip # 1: If you are not strong enough to do it, aerobic exercise helps Chemotherapy patients ridding toxins in your system from chemotherapy through sweat. I read an article about a lady with cancer who feel too ill to do aerobics when she invites her co-workers kept in the class, because they did not know what it was cancer. She began teaching at the end and felt sick at first, and then began to feel better. She sweated out toxins, and one year later was teaching the class cancer free.

Helpful Tip # 2: When a cancer patient's veins are to the point where it is very difficult to draw blood or administer IV medications center line, which is a port for IV medications and inserted into the jugular vein, the ultrasound can be good. I witnessed the pain my mother as poked several times with attempts to draw blood and insert the IV. Save this pain with the center line.

Helpful Tip # 3: Keep a positive attitude and laugh at what češće.Biblija says that laughter makes the heart good like a medicine. Sometimes you just laugh will do more for cancer patients than any drug. Laughter heals and makes one time on this earth more enjoyable. Talk about funny memories from the past with family and friends and laugh, laugh, laugh! You deserve it! Mental support is important. Encourage, say positive things, and most of all to be there for the person you know has cancer. Cancer and all what a person goes with it are frightening. I coach my mom and her courage and said she could not do it when she could not think. Encouragement in love can be added during the life of cancer patients. Ask lots of questions and get as much knowledge as possible. If a cure or a treatment or a cancer patient you know does not seem right. Talk to your doctor about it because there is always an alternative to

Input # 4: Disappointment:

Normally, there are disappointments in life. When you have a disappointing illness, disappointment can be increased. What to do when Chemo does not work? How do you react when you find a miracle cure does not cure? How to deal with setbacks and the road surface? What you need to do is keep going, keep trying and not give up. It is important to acknowledge and express disappointment, as long as you are not captive. Only the disease is disappointing, not to mention all the obstacles he encounters, dealing with the disease. Disappointment is not only experienced cancer victim, but family and friends who love this person so much.

I worked on my MBA when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Since it was already in stage 4 of cancer when she was diagnosed we found out shortly after the diagnosis that the cancer had spread to her lungs and other body parts. I remember the day when I found out about it. I started crying at work and could not stop and had to leave the office. I know how it feels to try and keep the tears and there is nothing you can do to keep them in your eyes. I know what it is to cry until your stomach jerks in and out and snot coming out your nose and you feel like throwing up. My mother was my best friend and because I am well acquainted with disappointment.

I always wondered how people with these miracle stories published this book about overcoming cancer was done. Their method has worked for them, no doubt, but my mother was in such bad shape she was not able to do most things by the book, said to do and that is so disappointing. I wish I could talk to these people in person just to ask them ... HOW? How did you do?

One of the biggest challenges faced is that my mother was a minister, a pastor and she has a lot of people praying for her while she believed in its healing. Father Yah (God) is a healer, but he does not always heal, and there is always the question of why those who are not cured. Dottie Olsteen wife of the late John Olsteen pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas now pastured by Joel Olsteen at one time had terminal liver cancer. Dottie gathered healing scriptures from the Bible and began to speak through them yourself three times a day as prescription drugs and was totally and completely healed.

Why her and not my mother? I do not know. Maybe yah (the name of the Almighty Creator God in Hebrew) was ready for my mom to come home with him. All I can say is that it may disappoint you and will come in many oblicima.Najbolji cure for disappointment is overcome with an attitude of gratitude, accepting that I do not know the reason for everything, but you know that there is a reason and purpose of all things. Be positive, and keeping your mind and spirit open to whatever might happen. Disappointment comes when something else than what you expect and predict will happen. Cancer must be prepared for success or failure of anything and everything. Be encouraged, you are stronger than disappointment. Do not let it catch you off guard but be prepared for it. Know that for every disappointment is a triumph on the other side.

Input # 5: Diet:

Each of cancer to reconstruct their diet contains foods that fight, and may even cure cancer. Eat and drink substances that are non-acidic, alkaline, and highly concentrated with antioxidants. Research to find food cancer cures.

One of the most important things you should do is to drink plenty of water. Water is the source of life and the human body consists mostly of water. There is an author who has written a book titled "You're not sick you're just thirsty," talks about the importance of water and affects the body.

Diet is a rough subject to pancreatic cancer, because you know all the right things to eat and not be able to make them konzumiraju.Utječe diseases of the digestive system makes it very difficult to eat and piti.Pacijent may lose their appetite, and even If they have no appetite, you eat it can make them feel sick. Pancreatic cancer is sabotaging the digestive system.

One thing that helped us was some of the information contained in the dill pickles, which helps in digestion of food. In many cases when someone has cancer of the pancreas or other digestive problems eating dill pickle with every meal helps counteract digestive problems, so you can eat in comfort and keep your food down to feed on the body.

There are also medications available to enhance the appetite, but if dill pickles can be eaten with every meal, which should greatly help as well. Since pancreatic cancer patients have difficulty eating and tend to lose lots of weight, dietary supplements such as protein shakes are proposed that are more easily ingested by the use of straw. Peanut butter can be added to shakes to increase the calorie content and nutritional value of the shake. Another suggestion is to eat very small meals throughout dana.Pacijent Cancer can not feel like eating, but to make a living they have to force yourself to eat. Lack of food and fluids can kill quickly.

Vitamin D fights cancer and freshly juiced vegetable juices that contain the juice from green leafy vegetables can be very useful especially when drunk immediately after juicing when vitamin content and the living matter is high. Outside the diet is also important that consists of Epson salt baths to help heal and release toxins from the body.

We all know the saying: "You are what you eat." Eat what's safe and it will help you stay živ.Prva 3 letters of the word diet is to die for. Do not let what you eat can kill you. Since cancer patients are many times you have to give up foods they love, to live, it's great if a family can, in accordance with their meals in the support of their dietary efforts. Some foods make cancer grows as simple sugars. Cut out sugar from your diet and use stevia as a natural alternative for sweetening foods. Stevia is a naturally sweet leaf that is available in powder and liquid form to sweeten foods and use in recipes. I am a Bible reader and I love that stevia is a list, because the Bible says that the leaves used to treat people. Other well-known artificial sweeteners may actually be toxic to the body so be careful with them and avoid them if possible.

Input # 6: Death:

Even if you know someone is going to die, nothing really prepares you for the impact, effects, and real life reactions to the death. Each experience is different, and I will share my personal experience with you in hopes that it will help you in some way. I remember my mom looking at me one night and tells me: "I am dying!" I did not know what to say back, because even though I knew he had cancer, and death seemed inevitable, he refused to accept the fact I was actually going to die.

We took her to the hospital on Thursday and the very next day they wanted to send her hospice. Hospice is a big and scary place all at the same time. Great with regard to the care and support, and painless way for a patient with this world they provide. Awful because you know that this is the last place will be with the one you love. Hospice facilities are very comfortable and give you a chance to say goodbye, even if you do not want. Nobody. Keep in mind that not only one going through this. Nor are you the only one who has ever gone through this

counselors provide, as well as chaplain for spiritual support and prayer. You will receive a booklet explaining the death of a process that helps you know when death is near. During this process, to give cancer patients a lot of love, comfort and support, and make sure you get enough food and rest. Talk to your loved one, while adequate, even after the medication caused by a comma, because they can still hear. Be sure not to be selfish and start to transfer them so that they do not stay on in anguish. That's all I'll say about the hospice experience as you'll learn more as you are actually in it. This is the time to meet with the funeral home and make preparations for the funeral and burial. You do not want to do, but it is necessary to help smooth out the process. All in all, the hospice is a place to say their final goodbyes.

Input # 7: Long:

My dad had just enough life insurance to cover my mother's funeral, and it is not recommended. At the time of diagnosis of cancer is in more hits you get free insurance as you can get. For some reason, collectors of law do not understand the word death, and you could be stuck with bills that increase the sadness after your loved one is gone. You will need the life of the patient to be able to make medical decisions for them, but you also need a power of attorney to deal with their accounts of time before his death, the experience is up to you. You may have to carry the business issues that can not cope with while they are still alive and after they passed on.Also sure is in place so that you do not have to deal with probate. Some accounts were closed just after the death of simply sending a copy of death certificate for the creditor and it is important that the insurance is in place to pay bills after death, such as mortgages.

I share my heart and soul, and intimate personal experience with you in this article that the best of my ability. It should not take a crisis such as cancer for us to become mortgage and debt free, but if something like cancer comes I know the mortgage and debt free can be one less worry. Work to reduce or clear your debts as much as possible. My dad will have more freedom and now his house is already paid off when my mother passed. In addition to medical bills is there any prescriptions that cost $ 800 for a 10-day supply after our prescription benefits ran out. Death and illness do not know anything about the additional financial burden that can be increased and extended grief.

you will feel the pain of his loss for a while and it will be absolutely incredible for a long time, but you'll get through it. Remember the good times, look at pictures of life, and hear the voice of their loved ones live in your mind and soul forever. I wish you abundant peace. If you want to know how to get a copy of the book that I wrote, hoping to help people cope with the loss of a loved one, call or e-mail me.

All About Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is also known as primary or metastatic liver cancer is relatively rare form of cancer in the Western world (1% of all cancers) but much more common in Africa and parts of Asia (10% to 50% of all cancers). It is much more common in men and incidence increases with dobi.Rak liver is rapidly fatal, usually within 6 months from the gastro-intestinal bleeding, kidney or liver metastases.

types of cancer are directly
Most primary liver tumors are known as hépatomes (primary and hepatozellulärem cancer less than the cancer cells). Some elementary schools have cancer of the liver bile ducts, which are known as cholangiomas.Some rare liver cancer cells and contains Chuffer hepatoblastomas sarcoma (which is almost exclusively in children and are usually treatable and significant). Métastatique, liver cancer is 20 times more than the primitive liver cancer and cirrhosis, the liver is the first form of death.

Signs and symptoms
The cause of liver cancer, and symptoms usually do not until the late stage.
Clinical effects of advanced cancer of the liver include:
1st mass in the upper right corner.
2nd Bid, the nodular liver on palpation
3rd pain in the upper right corner
4th Weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, fever
5th Exclusive series of jaundice or reserves (fluid in abdomen)

The exact cause of liver cancer in adults is unknown in children, but it will be in May of genetic disease. Liver cancer in May of adults as a result of exposure to environmental carcinogens, such as mold, contrast (not operational), androgens and estrogens, oral, hepatitis B and liver damage due to cirrhosis, caused by imbibing too much alcohol.

Liver cancer is difficult to diagnose in the presence of cirrhosis, but several attempts may help to identify the combination of image studies (ultrasonography, CT or MRI) and high blood alpha-fetoprotein effectiveness of diagnosis of liver cancer, electrolyte studies show May in sodium retention, a liver biopsy, the diagnosis .

Treatments for liver cancer have been primitive custom (state) of illness, age, general health, emotions and personal preferencija.Kirurgija the most effective treatment for liver cancer primitive, but it is not always possible because of the size or location of the tumor. Radio-frequency ablation with an option for people with small tumors and non-hepatocellular for certain types of metastatic breast cancer in the liver. During this procedure, the hepatic artery (artery of liver cancer, since their blood supply) is a safe, a chemotherapy drug is injected between the slope and the liver. Cryoablation of May, the ability to use people from elementary school with metastatic breast cancer and jetre.Brisanje whole liver and liver to replace with another person is another form of cancer treatment for primary liver cancer.

Even if treatment is not too much to improve the liver cancer itself, pain and other signs and symptoms caused by liver cancer can be treated vigorously in order to improve the quality of life. In general, treatments for children and adults, and the best approach depends on the date and type of cancer and the child's age and general health.

Movie Review Of Crazy Sexy Cancer

I just saw the movie Crazy Sexy Cancer Kris Carr, and this is my shooting from the hip review, my knee jerk reaction. In fact, I reacted as I watched the film. I was once ignorant myself, just like her, in the beginning of the film. My so-called incurable eczema was a better teacher because I could see every day, there is no need for those special diagnostic equipment Kris Carr had to endure.

What first struck me that I could feel and see her fear. FEAR was in the air. Just because a doctor she was diagnosed with some cancers, there was so much fear, fear that it was incurable, that he was going to die. The good thing is not to try chemotherapy, radiation or surgery as her tumors were beyond the reach of their medical technology.

It was painful for me to watch all those ignorant people in the movie ... FEAR was killing them. There is one woman who had consumed drugs!

I was unhappy with Kris so much grain is consumed at the beginning of the film ... that is a recipe for disaster. I was happy Kris came across Dr. Robert Young pH miracle of glory, then the Hippocrates Center. What was fortunate for her that they were closed-minded, low-fat, raw vegan approach. Raw vegan has a time and place, and it should be temporary. What was lucky for her she had not found the event detoxes ... saw a clean colon is an alternative healing convention but not to this, nor was it the heat of the liver. What was lucky for her she has not encountered and the Hulda Clark parasite killing. What was lucky for her she is not an incentive to avoid pollution ... she still wore make-up.